Onkyo TX-SR706 Receivers

If you're looking for a sturdy home theater receiver that has a lot of extras, you'll want to consider the Onkyo TX-SR706. It's basic enough for home use by those who are not technological geniuses.

However, it can handle the most modern surround sound formats, which are those used in Blue-ray technology, so it can take you to the next level of audio-visual equipment and you won't have to purchase something else next year. It has two-room capacity.

This means you can be seeing a movie in one part of the house, while someone else is listening to music or watching a prerecorded show in another. This is very handy in today's world of multi-generational families and housemates sharing one residence.

The SR706 has a highly sensitive speaker calibration system so sound effects are very precise. The included microphone interprets sound from six listening areas and automatically adjusts for level, equalization, and delay settings. You can stand anywhere in a room and get wonderful, clear sound.
With some systems, there are only one or two places in a room where the sound is precise. It's thrilling to watch movies where voices and sound-effects come across as they were meant to. Conversion from analog to HD is very easily accomplished with a single digital cable.

Now all of your audio-video materials will be available to you for your enjoyment. Your HDTV will play your regular DVD's and even other kinds of tapes you've had from years past. You'd be wrong if you thought this process is difficult to engage. A compact learning/multibrand remote allows you to control all the workings of your SR706. XM ready, the receiver can be hooked up to XM's HD music channels that will surround you with amazing sound.

It's even possible to add Onkyo's control dock and synchronize your home theater with your mp3 player or add the home tuner kit to sign up for SIRIUS and get programs from all over the world.